WearMe Pro - Colorful Retro Circle Tinted Oklahoma City Mall Sunglasses $8 WearMe Pro - Colorful Tinted Retro Circle Sunglasses Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women WearMe Pro - Colorful Retro Circle Tinted Oklahoma City Mall Sunglasses Colorful,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Retro,-,Pro,Sunglasses,/Agaristidae1677790.html,Circle,$8,bookone.uz,Tinted,WearMe Colorful,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Retro,-,Pro,Sunglasses,/Agaristidae1677790.html,Circle,$8,bookone.uz,Tinted,WearMe $8 WearMe Pro - Colorful Tinted Retro Circle Sunglasses Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

WearMe New products, world's highest quality popular! Pro - Colorful Retro Circle Tinted Oklahoma City Mall Sunglasses

WearMe Pro - Colorful Tinted Retro Circle Sunglasses


WearMe Pro - Colorful Tinted Retro Circle Sunglasses

Product Description

Keep your eyes safe and look amazing at the same time with these timeless retro round sunglasses from WearMe Pro. These unisex sunglasses feature a round, full-rim metal frame that provides a stylish, vintage-inspired look you'll love! These round sunnies will never go out of style as they match every outfit.

Round Retro Sunglasses for Men and Women

red lens gold frame retro round sunglasses

Looking for a perfect retro pair of round sunglasses?

  • High quality metal to ensure long term use and all day comfort!
  • Round vintage look that pairs well with all outfits
  • Sturdy metal temples
  • Trending retro look
  • Tinted colorful lenses
  • Shatter Resistant Lenses
  • 100% UV + UVB protection lenses
Colorful Tinted Retro Circle Sunglasses Classic Small Round Retro Sunglasses Reflective Lens Round Trendy Sunglasses 90 New Round Aviator Design Metal Frame Designer Inspired Sunglasses Lennon Inspired Round Metal Small Round Sunglasses
Metal Frame
100% UVB + UVA protection
Shatter Resistant
Unisex Design
Lens Size 51mm 51mm 51mm 54mm 48mm
Mirrored Lens available
Flat Lens

WearMe Pro - Colorful Tinted Retro Circle Sunglasses

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