$22 Carry Bag and Cover for Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Port Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Heating Cooling Carry Bag and Cover for Outland New item 893 Deluxe Firebowl Outdoor Port $22 Carry Bag and Cover for Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Port Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Heating Cooling Deluxe,Cover,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Heating Cooling,Outdoor,Carry,Firebowl,$22,and,bookone.uz,893,Outland,Port,for,/Bahmanid1065244.html,Bag Deluxe,Cover,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Heating Cooling,Outdoor,Carry,Firebowl,$22,and,bookone.uz,893,Outland,Port,for,/Bahmanid1065244.html,Bag Carry Bag and Cover for Outland New item 893 Deluxe Firebowl Outdoor Port

Carry Bag and Cover for Outland New item Raleigh Mall 893 Deluxe Firebowl Outdoor Port

Carry Bag and Cover for Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Port


Carry Bag and Cover for Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Port

Product description

Size:19 Inch Dia

EasiBBQ - Makes your barbecue easy.
Carry Bag and Cover for Outland Firebowl 893/823/870
Packaging -
Includes 1 Heavy Duty Carry Bag and 1 Fire Pit Cover.
Dimentions - Carry Bag: 20" Dia x 11.8"H; Fire Pit Cover: 19" Dia x 11"H.
Material - Made of thicker 600D Oxford cloth waterproof outer material and waterproof inner material.
Fits - Outland Standard Fire Pit (Model 823, FMPPC2-2), Deluxe Fire Pit (Model 893, FMPPC2A-2), Premium Fire Pit (Model 870, FMPPC2C)
Features - This durable bag protects your fire bowl from scratches and scuffs while being transported. Ideal for storing in your RV, camper, trunk, garage, or basement.
After sales - If you have any questions, you can let us know directly and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Carry Bag and Cover for Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Port

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