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Ontel Huggle Pets Special price for a limited time Kitty Many popular brands Hoodie Animal

Ontel Huggle Pets Kitty Animal Hoodie


Ontel Huggle Pets Kitty Animal Hoodie

Product description


Your kids will stay warm and cozy The fun way with huggle pets hoodie! Huggle pets hoodie is the fun, NEW pet that's also a super warm and soft hoodie! It stores as a pet but opens up to an ultra-soft and super warm oversized hoodie! The pet folds magically into the hood and zips securely inside! Perfect for when your kids are playing outside or lounging around the house. Huggle pets hoodie is one size fits all, so it's great for kids of any age!

huggle pets hoodie comes in a variety of different friends to choose from and each with their own unique personality! There's a cuddly Penguin, a brave Tiger, a loveable Unicorn, a playful Puppy, a pretty kitty and many more Pals to choose from! Collect them all! Huggle pets hoodie goes with your kids everywhere! Great for sleep overs and long car rides. Use your huggle pets hoodie to stay warm and cozy as a hoodie or as a pet for a cuddly car pillow! Huggle pets hoodie is machine washable. Keep your kids cuddly warm with their very own huggle pets hoodie!

From the manufacturer

Ontel Huggle Pets Kitty Animal Hoodie


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