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LUCKIPLUS Christmas Day Stickers Roll Sticker Label Shaped Round discount Max 79% OFF

LUCKIPLUS Christmas Day Stickers Roll Round Shaped Sticker Label


LUCKIPLUS Christmas Day Stickers Roll Round Shaped Sticker Label

Product description


Luckiplus Happy Valentine's Day Stickers Roll for Valentines Day, Kids, Favors, Classroom

Come with different style pattern, fits the theme of Christmas Day, you just need peel off the stickers and stick them where as you want, can help to create a sweet and happy atmosphere for your Christmas Day party.

* Material: Premium Quality Paper
* Size: about 1.5 x 1.5 Inch
* Unique Design: Different Christmas theme printed
* Multi Use: Use labels for Christmas Day, Wedding, Party and others special occasions.
* Marking special days/things on the calendar, memos or notes.
* You can choose different colors for labeling different things.

Package includes:
- VALUE PACK: 1 roll stickers contains 600 pieces

Warm notice:
There may be slight size and color error due to manual measurement and screen settings.

LUCKIPLUS Christmas Day Stickers Roll Round Shaped Sticker Label

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