$22 Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Blades for Heavy Duty Floo Health Household Household Supplies Replacement,Duty,HDSB,Double,Floo,Health Household , Household Supplies,for,/fried1065182.html,Unger,Heavy,$22,Blades,bookone.uz,8",Edge Luxury Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Floo for Heavy Duty Blades $22 Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Blades for Heavy Duty Floo Health Household Household Supplies Luxury Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Floo for Heavy Duty Blades Replacement,Duty,HDSB,Double,Floo,Health Household , Household Supplies,for,/fried1065182.html,Unger,Heavy,$22,Blades,bookone.uz,8",Edge

Luxury Unger HDSB 8

Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Blades for Heavy Duty Floo


Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Blades for Heavy Duty Floo

Product description

Excellent for removing carpets, tile and adhesives. Angled 8 wide scraper head allows for quick work in large areas and close work along walls. Strong, steel telescopic handle with comfortable rubber grip extends from 3' to 5'. Durable, nonslip cam locking system. Includes one 8" carbon steel blade with blunt and razor edges. Replacement blades are also dual-edged (blunt/razor) carbon steel for different floor surfaces.

Unger HDSB 8" Double Edge Replacement Blades for Heavy Duty Floo

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Matt Prior
19 November 2021
Matt Prior: how much in-car tech is too much?