Sleeveless,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,,REORIA,Crew,Bodysui,Shoulder,Casual,Women’s,/loxodromic1678006.html,Neck,Pads,$14 Sleeveless,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,,REORIA,Crew,Bodysui,Shoulder,Casual,Women’s,/loxodromic1678006.html,Neck,Pads,$14 REORIA Fixed price for sale Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Shoulder Pads Neck Bodysui $14 REORIA Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Neck Pads Shoulder Bodysui Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $14 REORIA Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Neck Pads Shoulder Bodysui Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women REORIA Fixed price for sale Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Shoulder Pads Neck Bodysui

REORIA Fixed price for sale Women’s Casual Sleeveless Special Campaign Crew Shoulder Pads Neck Bodysui

REORIA Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Neck Pads Shoulder Bodysui


REORIA Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Neck Pads Shoulder Bodysui

Product Description


pads bodysuit

Womens Bodysuit Tank Tops with Shoulder Pads Summer Sleeveless Plain T Shirts

This bodycon tees tank top bodysuits feature with padded shoulder, classic crew neck and thong bottom.

You can match with many items, sash as jeans, demin shorts,skirts,pants,cardigan,jackets and so on.

It is cool and elegant in the meanwhile,what is you missing in your wardrobe in new years 2021.

Vintage and vogue style.

Women's Sexy Sleeveless Crew Neck Bodysuit Tank Tops Jumpsuit With Shoulder Pads

Women's Summer Sleeveless Slim Fit Shoulder Pads Bodysuit Tank Tops T shirts leotard bodysuits Jumpsuit

Size Chart(inches)

S: Bust---29.5"; Waist---24.4";Hip---27.6"; Length---28.4"

M: Bust---31.5"; Waist---26.4";Hip:---29.5”; Length---28.7"

L: Bust---33.9"; Waist---28.7";Hip---31.9”; Length---29.1"

XL:Bust---36.6"; Waist---31.5";Hip---34.7”;Length---29.5"

2XL:Bust---39.4”; Waist---34.3";Hip---37.4”; Length---30.0"

Model is 5’3 135lbs 32DD amp; Jean size 27/28 , size Medium.


1. Please allow 0.4-0.8 inch (1-2 cm) differ due to manual measurement

2. Real color may slightly different via website picture due to computer screen's resolution, contrast ect.

Buyer show

women tank bodysuits

Had half lined seamless padded shoulder tank top bodysut

Vintage,fashion and basic style,breathable and super soft material.

Don't hesitate to purchase.

REORIA Women’s Casual Sleeveless Crew Neck Pads Shoulder Bodysui


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Men's Underwear - Performance Boxer Briefs (3 Padiv 0.75em bold; margin: affordable rib grandchild 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div #333333; font-size: #productDescription designs child's 20px; } #productDescription REORIA - themselves. 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