$8 Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Pendant Color Change Mood Nec Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls /molding1101933.html,Change,Tale,Mood,Pendant,Cute,$8,Unicorn,Fun,Fairy,Nec,Color,bookone.uz,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Jewels $8 Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Pendant Color Change Mood Nec Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Nec Change Max 54% OFF Pendant Color Mood /molding1101933.html,Change,Tale,Mood,Pendant,Cute,$8,Unicorn,Fun,Fairy,Nec,Color,bookone.uz,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Jewels Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Nec Change Max 54% OFF Pendant Color Mood

Trust Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Nec Change Max 54% OFF Pendant Color Mood

Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Pendant Color Change Mood Nec


Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Pendant Color Change Mood Nec

Product description

● This cute color changing unicorn mood necklace changes in a cycle of vivid colors from Black -gt; Brown -gt; Amber -gt; Green -gt; Blue -gt; Violet -gt;Purple -gt; Brown -gt; Amber -gt; Green -gt; Blue -gt; Violet by your body temperature, room temperature, or your mood! Wear one today and enjoy the fun!

● Pendant size measures 0.78 inches(W) x 1.02 inches(L) (19mm x 25mm)

● Accessorize with a 16" pink cotton cord and lobster hook.

● The Necklace comes with a nice gift bag and a mood color meaning chart

● A perfect cute gift for your daughters, granddaughters, or their friends!

● Recommended Age: 3 years and above.

● Mood Jewelry Caring Tips:
* To keep your Mood Jewelry in good condition for years, please do not submersing Mood Jewelry in water, or storing/placing them in extremely hot/cold condition.
* Keep them away from harsh chemicals likes perfume or lotion.
* Take them off when taking a shower or swimming
* Wipe them clean with a cloth after wearing

Fun Jewels Fairy Tale Cute Unicorn Pendant Color Change Mood Nec

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